About Us

Who is behind the champ?

You are, hockey mom or dad!  You've lugged cases of juice boxes to practice, sat through countless hours of Russian circles and small area games, or seen all the shenanigans in junior hockey (so many shenanigans!).  You've hauled carloads of kids to the outdoor rink for some shinny, made gallons of hot chocolate with mini marshmallows afterwards, or gorged on buffalo wings after beer league.  You've cheered spectacular saves, celebrated goals,consoled overtime losses, and chirped the ref.  You've eaten convenience store meals or drive through on the road, know which rinks have the best coffee, and put thousands of miles on your vehicle in horrible weather because hockey is almost never cancelled.  There have been late nights and early mornings, and you've tried everything to get rid of that smell. You've sold 50/50 tickets, know how to run the scoreboard and the time clock, and you can tie a pair of skates or tape a stick with your eyes closed.

Sacrifices have been made and bank accounts have been drained, but it's worth it for everything your hockey player has gained from this beautiful game.  Hockey life is a great life, and hockey is family no matter where in the world you are.

About Us

I am a hockey mom.  My son decided he loved hockey and wanted to play at age 2.  I thought, "He's 2. It will pass."  It didn't though. I bought him skates and took him to the rink, and I had to drag him kicking and screaming off the ice.  He loved it. He played hockey in the house constantly, he recruited the neighborhood kids to play street hockey, and he wore the wheels on his inline skates down to nothing.  He played in the driveway no matter the weather all year round, and we spent countless hours at the outdoor rinks. He still does to this day.  Hockey is our life, and we both love it.

Through the years, I've always had trouble finding much in the way of hockey merchandise that wasn't specific to a pro team or the local club.  I mean,we had that stuff, but we wanted more.  I basically live in hockey t-shirts and hoodies, and I love the conversations it sparks when we are out and about. It's fun meeting other people who share my joy for this crazy game.

This store was born from that joy. I couldn't find what I wanted, so I created it.  By the way, that also means that if you have an idea, you can send it my way, and I will try my best to make it happen.