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Back in March, we all thought, or at least hoped, this would be over quickly.  “Beware the Ides of March” is the saying, after all.  There is no saying predicting calamitous misfortune for any other month, so surely this would be only a brief pause.  Yet here we are in December wondering when this will end.  

Nothing can be taken for granted anymore. It has forced us to change the way we do almost everything.  We have had to find ways to do things that were previously thought impossible, or at least we stopped doing things the same way they had always been done because no one wanted to change.  Rules had to be changed, some for the better, and some for worse.  We have had to change plans, sometimes at the last minute.  Nearly every aspect of our lives has been completely rearranged.

This forced change creates opportunities, though.  Surely, it is taking a toll on us in many ways, but it has also given us the gift of reflection on what is important to us as well.  It is a giant reset button, a clean slate to refocus on your goals and create new, better habits. This is wearing on all of us, certainly, but reveling in the pool of negativity doesn’t help get things back to the way they were.  It can’t.  This will forever change things in ways we don’t know yet.  As humans, we set up our lives to be as predictable as possible, and deviations from our routine can send us into a tailspin, but that is the perfect opportunity to introduce change.  You can skip right over the ridicule of a new idea, and probably most of the common resistance because everyone is already discombobulated.  What’s another foot when you are already drowning?

It is a chance to think about how much you love hockey and how important it is to you.  It is time to take better care of yourself healing an old injury, finding new ways to work out, or improving your nutrition. It is a chance to show your resilience and learn to deal with disappointment so you can be ready for the next opportunity and really appreciate it.  It is a chance to try new things, both because you are forced to and also because you haven’t previously had time.  It is a chance to suggest new ideas and ways of doing things and contribute to whatever our new normal becomes.  It is a chance to show your leadership skills or cultivate them.  

Things will be different from here on out, but we will have the choice as a collective about what goes back to the way it was and what stays as it is now.  We will get to choose the good things to come out of this and continue to make them better, and leave the old ways behind.  I, for one, am choosing to believe the Ides of March will work out better for us than they did Ceasar.  

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