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I pulled into my driveway yesterday afternoon, and as I was getting out of my car, I noticed one of my friends pull up and roll down her window.  I got to pet her cute little doggy, and we caught up because we hadn’t seen each other in a while, but when I went in the house, I just broke down crying.  I realized I was wearing the same clothing I wore this weekend, and it was Wednesday.  I have been in survival mode for so long that I have just slowly stopped self care.  I have been thinking about it for a while now, but there were things that needed to get done, so I did them instead. Last night I broke.

It was also a game night, so I zoned out on my phone until puck drop, refreshing the live stream constantly so I didn’t miss a second of anything.  When the stream started, there it was…...that freshly zammed sheet of ice full of possibilities.  Watching the boys skate out and get ready for puck drop reminded me of my why and likely theirs.  The outside world doesn’t matter on the ice. It’s an escape.  You’re with the boys, and you’re going into battle, and something amazing might happen, and you’re going to be a part of it.

I thought back to the night before when I was just scrolling through the internet looking for an idea for this week’s article. There’s a podcast that was started by some guys from our local junior team.  I see those names, and I’m taken right back to their games and watching them play, and it makes me smile knowing they’re still together years later talking trash, playing the occasional round of golf, comparing notes, taking jabs at each other, and just being friends and doing what friends do.  Ferda boys.  

Yes, “the boys” get a bad rap sometimes, and I’ve called it out at times, but everyone needs their people.  Not all of these boys have that outside of hockey.  Some of these boys have been through the wringer or are going through the wringer, and “the boys” is all they have. I have had so many people tell me I’m crazy for allowing my son to continue playing because he wasn’t projected to be an NHL draft pick when he was 17, and I don’t care.  It’s not always about the show, and he’s mine, and it’s not your money or your life, and if you don’t like what I’m doing to raise my son, I’ll see you in the corners, bud.

Look, things are nuts right now, and they have been for a while, and we don’t have an end date to this craziness.  I can guarantee this is affecting you, and it’s affecting your son, it’s affecting teammates…..check on them.  Check on each other.  Go do something nice for someone.  Pick up the phone and call someone you haven’t talked to in a while.  You think you don’t have someone?  You do.  Hockey is family, and I’m here, and no one gets left behind.  Hit me up.  We’re better together.  Tell your son to do the same.  Do it ferda boys.

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