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Hockey Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2023

I vow to always love you even during hockey season crewneck sweatshirt

For all of the products linked below, I am showcasing the design, but please note the same design is available t-shirts and hoodies in both adult and youth sizes and adult crewneck sweatshirts. There are also hundreds of other designs available in the Behind the Champ Etsy shop. Note the pictures are clickable and will take you directly to their Etsy listing for your shopping convenience.

For the Girls

If your hockey girl wants to show her love for the game beyond her favorite team, Behind the Champ has a ton of designs to fit the bill. Whether she plays herself or screams at the TV with you while watching the game, you’ll surely find something that appeals to her.

Hockey girl t-shirt with crossed hockey sticks forming a heart
crewneck sweatshirt with hockey girl silhouette over a tie dyed heart
t-shirt with the word love and the l is a hockey stick, and the o is a hockey puck

For the Guys

If your guy has hockey hair, I’m sorry. I’m not a fan either, but you can stroke his ego about his glorious head of lettuce with this design or others.

all about that flow hockey t-shirt

If your man plays men’s league, he should appreciate this beer label inspired humorous crewneck. If you see “Phantoms” on his schedule, he’s probably just drinking beer somewhere and not even on the ice.

beer league legend crewneck sweatshirt

If you want to poke fun at yourself and your hockey obsessed man, he would enjoy this funny definition tee:

Girlfriend?  That's a funny way to say hockey tee

For Adults

If your Valentine loves cheesy hockey themed pickup lines, Behind the Champ has you covered there with plenty of punny designs like these.

Hitting holes and crushing souls hockey short sleeve t-shirt
I want you inside me hockey cartoon short sleeve tshirt
I Vow to always love you even during hockey season crewneck sweatshirt

For Anyone

I love you to the rink and back t-shirt

For Coach

This first design is best for the coach’s spouse or partner, but it is also available with player numbers and “goalie” instead of “coach.” It’s also available in several colors to represent your team.

If your coach has a sense of humor and enjoys nature, this tee will fit the bill nicely.

For Goalies

Our most popular design in 2022 was this minimalist design that sums it all up. Nope. No pucks are getting past me.

If your goalie has a sense of humor (don’t they all?), he might like to chirp his opponents with this crewneck.

There are over 5000 products in our Etsy shop, and while not all of them are hockey themed, you are sure to find the perfect gift for your favorite hockey Valentine.