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Even More Side Hustles for Hockey Parents

I previously wrote about a bunch of side hustles for hockey parents here: Side Hustles for Hockey Parents However, there are others that people may not be thinking about.

Sure, digital marketing and affiliate marketing, and even direct sales with companies like Scentsy or Pampered Chef or Norwex come up a lot, BUT if you have a bit of storage space, you can also make a nice side income by renting things out. You might even already have some of these items.

Weddings are happening all the time, so think about things that may want to be rented for a wedding. Decor items like pew bows or center pieces or table decor. You might rent out a nice arch or backdrops or even things like pillows or seating. People rent things like tables and chairs or other furniture, lights, candle holders, Mason jars, rugs, signs, vases, chargers (meaning bigger plates, not to charge electronics), barrels, baskets, table runners, table cloths, chair covers, canopies and tents, etc.

Other parties happen all the time as well. You could rent out corn hole sets, coolers, inflatable bouncy toys or water toys, accessories to have a photo booth. Someone having an outdoor event may need trash cans, and then those trash cans can do double duty as a giant beer pong game if you add a ball on another weekend. Maybe you make a giant Jenga game out of 2x4s. There are all kinds of outdoor games that can be rented out–things like badminton sets or volleyball nets, and things like margarita makers or cotton candy machines or popcorn machines.

Maybe you have some fancy dresses or nice Halloween costumes. You can roll the cleaning costs into the cost of the rental.

Maybe you have some tools that DIYers may need for only one project like a wet saw or an extension ladder or a pressure washer.

Of course, you will want to get some legal help contracts and get some liability insurance for items like bouncy houses or tools, but that isn’t as expensive as you might think it is. You could also skip those items and stick with things like the decor items for weddings and parties. While it does involve an initial outlay of money, you can start small and increase the number of items you rent out slowly. Most of the the time, it only takes one or two rentals of the items to pay for the initial cost, and then additional rentals are pure profit.