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About Us

Who is Behind the Champ?  You are!  Whether you are a hockey parent, a hockey fan, a referee, an off ice official, a zamboni driver, or a hockey player, you are the one behind the champ!  Without you, we wouldn’t have this beautiful game.

My son became hockey obsessed when he was two.  I thought, “He’s 2.  It will pass.”  Except it didn’t.  He is currently playing college hockey, and while he was young and wanted hockey birthday parties and such, I got frustrated with seemingly every other sport being represented except hockey.  And as his love for the game grew, so did mine, and I’ve reached the point where I pretty much live in hockey t-shirts and hoodies.  I love the game, but I wanted more than just the latest tournament or showcase tee, so I created them.

I have hundreds of hockey designs and thousands of products in my Etsy shop currently as well as many other designs and add more designs on a regular basis. The Etsy shop is print on demand which means we do not hold inventory, and products are printed when they are ordered. While this means it takes anywhere from a day to a week (during peak periods like Christmas) to produce the item, it also means I am able to offer thousands of products instead of just a few. I vet the printers carefully to make sure the products and printers make a quality product, and since I have a network of printers, if one printer is out of stock of a size or color, I can simply route the order to another printer who has your product in stock.

My designs are also available on other sites such as RedBubble, and the full list can be found on My Shops. I also have plans to introduce many more digital products in 2024 including wall art/posters and stickers for those of you with cutting machines so you can download and either print yourself or use a printer of your choice.